So I finally had some time to play today. I got past Morty in the Ghost Gym. If you can’t tell the picture is a Pokemon, Rick and Morty cross-over gag (there is a Morty in each after all). The ink work before colors is after the break. Yes, I had the gag thought up a few days in advance.

Since I now can use Surf I went back and explored a bit. I am too late to get the Friday Lapras. However,I did pick up a Natu, now Xatu to add to the team. I need to kick someone out due to HM usage. Poor Furret looks like the weakest link. Actually Ariados is, but I want a him on the team more.

I tried breeding an Onix with my Sudowoodo to get a baby that knows Rock Slide. It worked but, WOW, it take a long time to get and hatch eggs in this game. If I can get a metal coat before the elite four I might put Steelix on the team.