So, seeing as how tomorrow is hourly comic day. I actually wanted the world to be able to find my comic. So I decided I would post a copy on tumblr and twitter like all the cool kids do now a days. That should be easy right? Not so much.

I was under the assumption you could have a twitter account without handing over your phone number. Just tweet from your computer. Was I wrong?

They decided to captcha me and make me click store-fronts to prove I wasn’t a robot. Silly me I didn’t know I would have to click on several dozen and they would keep replacing images over and over and over. It yelled at me to keep clicking store-fronts when I didn’t notice the image replacement trick the first time around. Super obnoxious, I must have failed. 

They probably decided I was a bot or something (I do run uBlock and noscript). Other than the obnoxious captcha that yells at you to KEEP CLICKING STORE-FRONTS, I thought the process was going well. That is until it requested a phone number. I’m not giving you a phone number. There was no way around the phone number screen. I decided fine, just delete the account then. Nope, can’t even do that. Thou shalt not pass the phone number screen. Great now I have a broken zombie account I can’t do anything with. Thanks twitter.

Is tumblr any better. Well I guess so, sort of. At least they let me delete the yahoo account I never asked for out of spite. I thought I signed up ok. But I got an error. No real message just Error with an unhelpful link that says servers may be busy, try again. I tried several times and it made a yahoo account I didn’t want but wouldn’t let me in to tumblr. So yeah since it wouldn’t work I googled how to delete it, and deleted it. That is better than Twitter I guess.

So that is my tale of bad customer service from major websites. I am annoyed, and probably won’t be back.

Just think how annoyed you would be if you walked into a grocery store and they demanded you do puzzles to prove you aren’t a robot. I guess they do try to demand you phone number now a days, but I shop elsewhere as much as possible instead.