Saturday March 12, 2016 was MiniComics day. You can find out more about minicomics day at Normally I will say I am going to participate but then get tired and not finish much of anything. However, this year was different, this year I actually finished a minicomic.

Not only that, I produced a making of series on YouTube while I went too. I stayed up way too late finishing it, but I think it turned out pretty cool. It turned out to be a massive seven part series. I only finished printing and putting together a single comic before going to bed but I am going to call it a win.

If you want to see the youtube series check out the links below, if you just want to read the comic, just keep reading after the break.

I hope you enjoy it.


  • SeggiePants

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0000

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0001

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0002

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0003

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0004

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0005

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0006

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0007

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0008

PBJ_for_ Stegosarus_0009