It looks like Microsoft is going to get three posts in a row. That is strange, I certainly didn’t want this blog to be Microsoft focused. The next post will be about why I hate the Windows 8 Start Screen and the Ribbon. But I want to craft that one a bit to make sure it is readable instead of a rant.

So, what is this post about you ask? It is about the X-Box One again. It seems that Microsoft has done an about face and turned of some of the truly awful parts about the XBox one. I didn’t want to leave inaccurate information at the top of my blog for months on end, but I didn’t want to erase the post either so here is an update. In short it will allow you to buy and sell used games as you could on the XBox 360 before it. Of course they took away all of the digital sharing options they were going to build around that to try and take the sting off of the previous setup.

They thought they could be the console version of Steam, and it didn’t float very well. I think the thing that changed their mind was that very few people pre-ordered the new machine. Frankly I won’t buy a game on Steam either. I think it is a horrific DRM system too. Once the servers are gone (and one day they will be) so are all of your games. I think there are some legal proceedings in Europe to force them to let people buy and sell their used games they purchased on Steam. All of the video game companies, android, and apple would be wise to start adding that to all their digital download systems before it is legally mandated. It should have been there from the start (and dont’ put in any middle man fees, I know you are thinking of it).

So, anyway if they fixed that, why do I still think you shouldn’t buy the XBox one?

  • Kinect mandated – You still have a spy camera / microphone in your living room you don’t control. Is it on, is it off? Short of unplugging the box you don’t know. I believe they have a patent on targeting advertising based on how many people are in the room and the demographics of each. That is the kind of creepy behavior an ever present kinect sensor encourages. It also makes the machine $100 more than it’s closest competitor (not smart in my opinion).
  • Internet access STILL required. They tried to hide it in the announcement but you still have to have the internet at least once to set up the machine after you buy it. Why do they do that? I am guessing that it is so everyone will put it in then forget about it. How many people will set it up once then tear it back out? Still slimy and still horrible to people who don’t have a good wi-fi source. Unlike a DS you can’t just haul it down to McDonalds and use the wi-fi while you eat a hamburger.
  • System updates. There is nothing stopping them from reinstating all of the horribleness with a system update once the system has been running for a while. This is the same problem I have with the image constraint token on Blu-Rays that get to decide whether you get a high quality picture on your TV or not depending on what connectors you use. It shouldn’t be their choice. Sony stole away Other OS from people who purchased the first PS3’s and didn’t get any legal problems (they should have) the precedent has already been set and I don’t like it. They will take away your stuff if they feel like it and you have no recourse short of a class action lawsuit you just signed away the rights to by clicking OK on a form (that shouldn’t be legal either).

Are there others? Probably I haven’t watched that closely. I just wanted to update so I didn’t have outdated information on the top of the blog. I still don’t recommend any of the next gen consoles yet. If Nintendo eventually gets some good games and drops the price I may change my mind but I am not holding my breath.