You may have noticed that this blog doesn’t have any comments. That doesn’t mean that nobody has tried to comment. Unfortunately they have all been comment spammers. I don’t think the spammers have even read a single post on the site. Only their robots have. I might be the only human who actually reads this (well, my sister might drop by on occasion). I don’t really post often enough to justify a following. So I’m not really expecting comments.

I have moderation turned on. That means I get an email every time someone comments, but it stays hidden until I approve it or trash it. The comments spammers get increasingly sneaky. At first is was pretty obvious but each new one seems to be trying something different.

The early ones are pretty blatant advertisements – denied. From there they have context-less but inoffensive comments they probably copy/pasted from a random post on the internet. Those have links to advertisements or usernames with advertisements – denied. This morning I seem to have hit a new threshold, insults calling me a liar. No obvious advertisements, but if I look at the whois information on the internet google says they are a SEO specialist – denied. For those who don’t know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They try to abuse search engine rankings to make themselves artificially higher in search results. In general SEO services are slime. Stop trying to break the internet for your own greed!

Hey spammers, look around the page, what do you notice is missing. That’s right, advertisements. That is ON PURPOSE. I am reading each and every comment, if you don’t have something useful to say, or if you are only commenting to advertise it will NOT get through. Even if it were an on-topic comment from an actual human that made sense and didn’t advertise things, if you are being a jerk it still won’t get through.

Of course the spammers aren’t really reading this, their robots are. Their robots might pick out keywords but that is about it. They don’t really understand anything.

One last thing, free advice to the comment spammer. You might not stick out like a sore thumb so much if you commented on the post at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Commenting on a post that is a month old is more likely to be seen as more topical than commenting on a post that is a year old.

OK, I need to update this blog more often. The bottom of the page shouldn’t go back a full year.