So, this last week was busy.  On Saturday, it was the Taylorsville Art show. So for the last few weeks I have been making my nieces and nephews draw pictures for it. I was sick with the flu and never got any picture done myself which I am sad about.  The good news is, my extended family came through with a fair number of awards. My Dad got a white ribbon, one of my nieces got a red ribbon. I also have one nephew who got a blue ribbon (see below), and another who got a peoples choice award. On a side note, the one who got the peoples choice award didn’t know he was getting an award. So he was REALLY annoyed when his big brother with the blue ribbon started gloating about his ribbon.

My nephew's winning entry.I didn’t really get to see much with the Art show. My sister was buying a car and I didn’t get there until the award ceremony was almost over.  Oh well, maybe next year, or at least I’ll try again at the county fair. I think we made the car salesman feel really rushed — sorry.

So on Sunday (after the show) I found a sketch I started a while ago. It is based on the “Storm Dragon” from a how to draw dragons book. I thought it was pretty cool so it is posted below. Too bad I didn’t get it done until after the show was over. I probably wouldn’t have gotten an award but I could have put something in.

Storm Dragon