So, last week, I get into the elevator, and I hear a strange noise. I am the only one in the elevator car, but I can hear a voice.  It isn’t very loud, and I couldn’t hear it very well, but it heard it well enough to figure out what was. It was a bill collector, calling the emergency phone in the elevator. I didn’t even know you could do that.

I’ve had bill collectors call me for people who don’t actually live at my residence. At least two different people actually. I’ve had another call me and want me to leave bill collection notices on a neighbors door (I should have told them about it, so they could sue them for violating the FDCPA). But an elevator?

Perhaps I’m asking too much, but would it really kill bill collectors to do some basic research. You know maybe before harassing random phone numbers for months on end. It stops you from looking like a moron when you try to bill collect an elevator. Is it dumber than when the RIAA tried to sue a laser printer? You decide.